Concours and the 50th Jaguar National Rally – One thing that has not changed since the first ever Sydney Melbourne club get together in 1970 is our passion for the Jaguar marque. To us a line up of pristine Jaguars some vying for the Sir William Lyons Memorial Trophy is a sight to behold.  Add to that another 300 Jaguars proudly displayed around them and we are in heaven! 


2019 Concours Entrants

d'Elegance Class

Alan McKinnon : XKR Coupe 5.0

Gaile McGrath Innes : S-Type V6 3.0

I-van Ho : E-Type S1 Roadster 3.8

Martyn Book : X300 Daimler Double Six 6.0 V12

Omnia Holland : E-Type S1 FHC 3.8

Peter Vat : F-Type Project 7

Rodney Greasley : SS 2.5 DHC

Anthony Robinson : XK150 Roadster


d'Etat Class

Chris Edwards : E-Type S1 FHC 3.8

Barry Wiggins : XJ8 3.2 V8

Charles Weston : E-Type S3 V12 FHC

Rick Leonhardt : E-Type S2 4.2 FHC

John Mann: E-Type S3 V12 FHC

Kevin Read : XJ6 S3 4.2

About The Concours

The judges 14th Jaguar NR 2.jpg

Back in 1969 Heinz Schendzeilorz, now a Life member of JCCV, was transferred from Melbourne to Sydney for work.  He joined the Sydney club and commenced negotiating for a get together with the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria and the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia (Sydney based). 

His idea became reality in Canberra in September 1970.  They organized a Concours d’Elegance and enjoyed a weekend sharing Jaguar tales with like minded enthusiasts and appreciating the marque.  The get togethers moved to Albury on the Queens Birthday weekend in June 1971. Members from Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra attended. The following year saw a few enthusiasts from Queensland adding to the procession that time in Cowra NSW.  By 1976 every state was represented.  

The Judging 14th Jagur NR.jpg

Since those early years more and more Jaguar enthusiasts have joined in what we now know as the Jaguar National Rally. Each rally has been unique and a credit to the host club. The pictures above show the Concours judging at the 14th Rally held in Albury in 1983. Due to expected inclement weather it was held in Myers under ground car park.

On Saturday 30 March 2019 at Gateway Lakes Wodonga we will have over 350 Jaguars from pre war to present day on display.  A cavalcade of Concours entrants will arrive at the site ready to be judged.  Those entered in d’Elegance all vying for the prestigious Sir William Lyons Memorial Trophy, the highest award in the competition.  

Trophies 14 Jaguar NR.jpg

Concours d’Elegance our Premier Class is judged for authenticity, cleanliness and general condition. In d’Etat, our enthusiast’s class is judged for cleanliness and general condition excluding authenticity. However owners of these cars must be able to show proof of regular use.  Areas judged in both classes are exterior, boot wheels and tyres, engine compartment and interior.  Judging is in accordance with the rules set by the Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs.

This 50th Jaguar National Rally will be one to remember.  Strong friendships have been forged over the past 50 years with members from Jaguar clubs across Australia and it will be a time for them to rekindle those friendships.

The Concours event is vital to ensure the beautiful models of the past will continue to be restored and displayed. Camera’s at the ready as we once again share the Jaguar National Rally Concour and Display Day.

Trevor Wilkinson

50th National Rally Concours Director