Hume Weir Revival


Opened in November of 1959 the Hume Weir Circuit hosted grass roots motor sport and international events. Located in what was the quarry that supplied rock for the Hume Weir the track was built with limited facilities and some extremely tight turns. Initially a dirt track used for motorcycles and speedway the track was surfaced in 1960 and the length increased to 1mile (1.6km). The early sixties saw drivers like Jack Brabham, Roy Salvadori, Bib Stillwell and Bob Jane competing in a variety of state and international events. Bob Jane ran his 3.8 litre Mark 2 Jaguar there in 1962. Peter Brock entered there in his Austin A30 in 1968. 

Course 1 and 3.jpg

As time progressed what was acceptable in the 1950’s became too dangerous. The money and space to improve the circuit were not available and the circuit officially closed in 1977. The track remained and parts of it were used as a rally stage and indeed for a Jaguar National Rally Sporting Event in the 1980’s. 

Early in the new century the wall of the weir needed reinforcing and so the quarry was re-opened and rock and dirt transported to strengthen the wall. That was the end of what remained of the circuit.

As a tribute to what was a memorable circuit built before the time of seat belts and sand traps we have named the sporting event in the 50th Jaguar National Rally the “Hume Weir Revival” and placed the event at the Wodonga TAFE’s Motorsport Complex at Barnawartha North. This circuit is the same length as the Hume Weir Circuit (1.6km) but has replaced the rock walls with large run off areas and manageable turns. 

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National Rally Participants are encouraged to dress in the period of the Hume Weir Circuit (1959 to 1977) and if you have one enter a car from the same period. Awards will be made for the best dressed and for the car from that time that does best in regularity. 

If you have never tried a motor sport event, but have always thought you might like to have a go one day, the National Rally Sporting Event is a great event to start with.

The event will be a low speed Autocross with a maximum speed of 100 km allowed. Anyone can be a winner because it is a Regularity Trial. You will get 2 runs of each course and the winner will be the person that gets the closest time between the two runs. Whether you average 20 km p/h or 90 km p/h you just need to be consistent. 

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The day will consist of 2 or 3 set courses and 2 runs of each course with only one car at a time on the track. If you would like to have some idea of the actual course, please have a look at the video below which is Course 1.

All you will need is a helmet and be willing to have a go. Even if you don’t own a helmet, we can supply one for you on the day.

The cost will be $100.00 which includes your licence for the day and lunch. You will need to be at the track at about 8 am for a 9am start and we will finish at approx 3pm to allow enough time for everybody to be back at Albury to get their glad rags on for the Formal Dinner in Wodonga.